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Twin Cam / Re: How about a Woods tw8 in 124 build?
« Last post by TorQuePimp on Today at 11:20:48 PM »
Mackie 598 @ 11:1
Twin Cam / Re: TC96 with Andrews 48's
« Last post by TorQuePimp on Today at 11:15:46 PM »
If you aren't looking to add power and just want a fresh engine
Do a 103" with factory/se cast pistons
Keep the 48h
EVO 1340 / EVO base gaskets...Is it OK to only replace the gasket?
« Last post by SixShooter14 on Today at 09:42:15 PM »
So I have a moderately slow leak from the rear base gasket.

I'm planning on tearing the top off this winter and replacing. Is it OK to just swap out the gasket? Or do I need to have the surfaces 'trued'?

PS. I saw that James Gaskets has a 'Top End Gasket Set'....Is that all I'd need to pull the top end off to replace the base gaskets and reassemble?

Twin Cam / Re: TC96 with Andrews 48's
« Last post by PoorUB on Today at 09:16:29 PM »

An Andrews 57 will run well at 10.2 cr.
Same/same power curve as the 48....only more.

Even better at 10.5 cr.
EVO 1340 / Re: Oil Pressure
« Last post by FTBY55 on Today at 09:07:20 PM »
Thanks All,

 Bike has been a Mobil1 20W50 user since 500 miles. Tried LiguiMoly 20w60 once last year and then went to AMSOIL 20W50.  Idle has always been set at~1050 with choke running about1500 to 1800 ride about a mile and it's off. Seldom see temps over 215 at oil tank even here in AZ. Running slightly rich.
 Appreciate all the responses. Came home today, parked my other bike and pulled the shim out of the plunger. Gonna ride it like it is and not worry about those old higher pressure readings.
Will spend the money on upgrading the camchest of the '02 Ultra.

Thanks again... You guys are a wealth of information and greatly appreciated.
General / Re: Loss of voltage to O2 sensors
« Last post by Coyote on Today at 08:44:23 PM »
How are you measuring this voltage?

There is a difference between measuring the power voltage to the O2 sensor and the voltage produced by the O2 sensor. I'm guessing you are reporting the latter.

Do you have a PV log of the sensor from startup to warm?
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Camplate Failure
« Last post by pwmorris on Today at 08:38:48 PM »
Glad you are OK. Bikes and parts can be replaced, human life and body parts, not yet.
I’ve put tons of effort and sweat into motor builds, only to have them destroyed, so feel your pain. As a write off, hopefully the motor is ok, and bike can be a buy back.
Twin Cam / Re: TC96 with Andrews 48's
« Last post by Hossamania on Today at 08:35:22 PM »
Refreshing my 2010 TC96, just wondering what the builders think on maximum compression for the Andrews 48 cams.
Plan is to rebore to 107 and refresh valve train and put back together, stock heads(rebuilt), stock TB.
Not trying to build any extra Hp, just refeshing an otherwise stock 96, that has 48 cams and a decent airfilter.
Bagger with true duals.
Love these cams in my 96ci bagger, been runnin em for years. Just wondering will the extra compression of the change to 107ci will hurt cam performance or enhance.

Going from 96" to 107" is not "just refreshing an otherwise stock 96."
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Camplate Failure
« Last post by pwmorris on Today at 08:18:52 PM »
Did Fuel Moto save the day?

Jamie did actually. Scroll through the thread. S&S spent more time confirming when, where and from who the OP purchased the parts from and was not too eager to offer any technical advice or replacement parts. That is where Jamie at Fuel Moto kicked in.

This mirrors my recent experiences with S&S. I will remind you of my TC case that S&S admitted to having improperly machined, didn't offer anything and were really more concerned with the when, where and from who that I purchased the case from. Once that was established they were very quick to point out it was not under warranty and dam near hung up on me.

S&S is not the company it used to be. IMO, S&S went bad when Bret Smith was in charge. You and others that know people at S&S might get treated well, but when the average person calls them the results are very different. Even on this page, they signed up to be a sponsor, said they were here to help, etc. Look at their posts. Minimal to nonexistent. Their few posts on this page have failed to answer any technical questions in an open forum, but have redirected people to their website. Total failure.

But you are right, there are things I need them for and just have to suck it. But I tell you what, I do everything I can to source parts from manufacturers other than S&S. Other than their 4-⅛" bore cases and heads, there is not much I need from them.
Fuel Moto has had an excellent reputation for as long as I’ve known of them, and they walk the talk.....which is more than many Companies can say about their products and service.
I get it, S&S ain’t what it was. It sucks when people aren’t treated with the respect they deserve.
Customer Service, it appears, is the numero uno problem apparently, and something ownership must address going forward. This part of their business model is unacceptable.
As to product quality, other than a few (2%) of their parts made overseas (sucks big time IMO),  I have not seen mine or anyone else’s street performance stuff drop off quality wise, at all. I beat the crap out of my street motor with almost all S&S parts, and it just looks at me after a long, rough day like....”that all ya got?”-and it’s ready time after time to put smiles on my face.
This is the part of the deal you mention as a positive.....and why people put up with the other stuff-their parts are still badass. Are their exceptions? Sure as with every company on Earth.
As you know, the big hardcore HP V Twin stuff including drag racing and land speed....they still own this World as well. Period. Why do people that abuse, hammer, and push to the limit their parts, and can use ANY V-Twin Company’s parts on Earth, continually rely on S&S? For decades?
For those who may not know, many “aftermarket builders, customizers, and performance companies” use S&S parts. Some exclusively, and some with many S&S parts like Fuel Moto.

Here are the parts the Fuel Moto 126”, for example uses in their motors for their ultimate expression in power, and a name they rely on to deliver the goods.

The following items are included with the Fuel Moto 126" Outlaw:
Genuine Harley Davidson SE engine cases with Timken conversion
S&S 3 piece crankshaft, 4140 steel; heavy duty connecting rods
Fuel Moto IC extreme duty cylinders, precision bored; Forged pistons
Fuel Moto Outlaw CNC ported S&S Super Stock heads (port profile by Rick Ward)
Multi radius competition valve job; 660 lift valve springs
Heads machined for HD automatic compression releases
S&S TC3 forged cam plate, S&S three stage oil pump
Wood Performance camshafts
Wood Performance alpha Directional Lifters
Fuel Moto adjustable pushrods
S&S forged roller rockers
S&S rocker housings & rocker stands
S&S lifter blocks
S&S gear drive (optional)
General / Re: Loss of voltage to O2 sensors
« Last post by FXDBI on Today at 08:15:50 PM »
I tried the original map that DJ sent with the engine upgrades, same issue with cylinders shutting down with the PV/TT setup.  I installed the stock map and just using the PV to read the stock O2 voltage, same issue with them losing voltage as the bike warms up.

Stock 02 sensors need to come up to temperature before they work you can see it if you log with the powervision.  If your just using a map from Dynojet sounds like its a mile off. Take it to a tuner and get it tuned. Sounds like its a little beyond your technical abilities at this time.   Bob
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