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Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Clutch suggestions
« Last post by Desertwndrr on Today at 09:52:06 PM »
BVHOG I put over 10k miles on mine and I pushed it as often as I could.  Plenty of burn outs and hard accel/decel riding.  No issues at all.  Not sure what issues that your customer had, but my clutch was flawless.  I sold that bike however I wouldnít hesitate to use the Rekluse in any of my other bikes.  Again, I loved the one that I had.
Just put a new 500 CCA AGM battery in my ride. No lithium for me for at least 2 years. Maybe by then all the mystery, questions, hype,  whatever about lithium will have been answered.  :chop:

They've been used for years in motorcycles.  Not much left to be answered or sorted out.
The Welcome Forum (Contact Us) / Re: New from Colorado
« Last post by SixShooter14 on Today at 09:03:11 PM »
Howdy, welcome from Arkansas.

You can check out the M8 and General tech sections for just about anything. If you can't find what you need, just ask.
Yeah I havenít had a chance to ride it since the exhaust and power vision install.  I guess my PV will over ride the 110mph VSS.  I chose not to dyno tune it because I plan to do a cam and maybe a 117Ē kit soon.  Iíll just ride it as is and tune it when I do the cam and or 117Ē kit.
Thanks for the info.
The Welcome Forum (Contact Us) / New from Colorado
« Last post by Malazan on Today at 07:55:55 PM »
New member here, I frequent the HD forum a lot. Lots of good info here,
I ride a 2018 Road King. Working on upgrading the cam right now
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Milwaukee Eight testing.
« Last post by Malazan on Today at 07:53:04 PM »
What is your favorite cam between the Tman P200, RS468, and the CR460

Iím really leaning toward the CR460
General / Re: FXR twin cam inner primary
« Last post by JW113 on Today at 06:51:11 PM »
Question from the peanut galley, not that this helps the OP with is question.

If you have an FXR, why a TwinCam engine when you can buy a 140" evo-like engine that will "bolt in"?

Twin Cam / Re: 2002 Harlsy FLST
« Last post by jrgreene1968 on Today at 06:46:23 PM »
I agree with Scott.. 98Ē... mines still ripping you did for me Scott.. well atleast it was last time I rode it. Had back surgery 6 months ago and havenít cranked it since
General / Re: FXR twin cam inner primary
« Last post by Admiral Akbar on Today at 06:24:13 PM »
Well. it sounds like you done more then me. I've only done one and thought it was pretty easy.  Flat surface is about 1/8 inch thick.

I think I have done eight FXR/TC conversions. Three of my own and five for close friends. Mine all used the '99-'00 trans case, so did a couple of the others. We all have those buddies that do things the hard way. For the six speed models, there are several different primary case designs. Too many for me to keep up or care about, but will say that they all ave their own issues to overcome. I can say that the inside of the outer covers are NOT parallel to the inside of the inner case. Doing these mods are easy for you as you have skills and the means to do it. Having said that, just about everyone I have spoken with that bought the 'Good deal FL drive train' did so because they thought the 96" or 103" and shitty six speed somehow added value. Then reality hit and they start asking in online forums or facebook groups how to do the mods. I had one from FabKevin that a guy brought for me to use. It was well made and worked initially. He moved away and lost contact so not sure how it worked long term. Another buddy brought one from on line reseller that offers the service. Not only did it leak, but the design for the shifter shaft and lever was horrible. Really hard to beat the '99-'00 trans case and the 91 and up FXR specific inner primar case. The '94 and up inner with the late TC cover (5-Bolt Derby) is the holy rail.

Holy rail is pretty funny.. Sounds like you really haven't tried to modify an 99 to 2006 bagger primary case.   It's thin but can be cut flat on both sides.   Don't know about 07-up cases. Looks like someone makes a case for those but really don't know how well they work.  Have not done an 07-up.  The dyna shift arm can be utilized.
General / Re: Rekluse TorqDrive clutch pack
« Last post by tdrglide on Today at 06:15:32 PM »
A follow up report.   Finally got a chance to road test the TorqDrive clutch pack. 42degrees and sunny today. I used the -04 yellow spring and the 18deg. ramps as opposed to stock 21deg. Belray 80w gear saver in primary. Very happy with it so far. Clutch engages right where I want it. Easy to find neutral. No drag. Easier than stock lever pull. I was concerned I might not get enough pressure plate lift to get full clutch release with the longer ramps but that proved unfounded. Haven't noticed any clutch slipping but have not had the chance to give the full test. But did jump on it pretty hard a few times.

Also changed out sprockets and drive belt. New heavy duty sidecar belt and new swingarm bearings and rubber. All is good :SM:

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