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General / Re: S&S 95 Hot Setup Kit, goes to Doc next week
« Last post by hattitude on Yesterday at 10:27:27 PM »

My Runout was very good at .001 which for 1999-2006 i guess is very rare according to Doc and others here on the board....  most are over .003 and hence too much for gear driven cams...


Actually, the early twin cams had the left timken bearing until 2002, and were considered to have the best bottom ends of all twin cam years... 2003s lost the timken bearing and then the crank got worse in 2004....

The newer the twin Cam, the higher the likely hood of big runout numbers...

Harley changed the acceptable runout to higher numbers a couple times through the twin cam run, rather than tighten the manufacturing specs/quality control of the cranks... I think they ended up with an acceptable runout of around .012 by 2012ish...
General / Re: Old sidecar vin...
« Last post by Speeding Big Twin on Yesterday at 08:44:19 PM »
If authentic the SN indicates a 1945 Sport Sidecar (R-H) for 61ci twin (Knuckle) and 74ci twin (Knuckle and BT Flathead).

Is the SN on the chassis or on a small plate inside the body? Or both? What do the characters look like? Can you post photos please because the characters in 1945 sidecar SNs are not all the same types as those found in a 1945 engine SN. Thanks.

General / Re: Old sidecar vin...
« Last post by JamLazyAss on Yesterday at 07:13:29 PM »
Neither have I, but it's definitely stamped LE.
Lets see what others post up.
General / Re: Old sidecar vin...
« Last post by Ohio HD on Yesterday at 07:04:41 PM »
I've honestly never heard on an LE designation. A 1945 EL would be a 61" Knuckle Head.
Shovel Head / Re: Cam end-play question
« Last post by Molly on Yesterday at 06:56:47 PM »

This changes everything. The other responses to your question are all based on a different thickness gasket between the cam cover and the engine case. A different thickness gasket would change the end play on the cam.

BUT, seeing as you did not remove that cam cover or change the gasket, then the end play the cam should not have changed. Simply removing the lifter blocks/lifter and pushrods will not affect the end play. Something else is going on.

Without knowing you and your abilities, my knee jerk reaction is you are not measuring the end play in a manner that will yield consistent/repeatable results. That cam is supported laterally on one end by the bushing in the nose cone and the engine case/thrust washer/spacer on the other end. None of these components should move or compress.

Best of luck with your project.

Thanks. That'd be my concern. That pressure on the camshaft should make such a difference in terms of end-play. As you say, the parts shouldn't compress as such. It's possibly down to my measuring skills I guess but I'm simply trying to slide in a feeler gauge between the camshaft and the spacer.

As an aside, I've just disassembled and reassembled the lifters after deciding to remove the travel limiting spacers that are designed to effectively make hydraulic lifters behave like solid at high RPM. I felt that removing them might reduce valve train noise a little. Performance / high RPM isn't as high on my list as solid dependability and reducing mechanical noise where I can. Biblical rain at the moment so I've not had a chance to see if I can hear a difference.

General / Old sidecar vin...
« Last post by JamLazyAss on Yesterday at 06:53:48 PM »

Would this be a knuckle, big flathead, or 45 sidecar based on this vin?
Twin Cam / Re: intake valve question
« Last post by 1workinman on Yesterday at 05:11:46 PM »
 That's getting it done  :koolaid:
Shovel Head / Re: camshaft end play
« Last post by Racepres on Yesterday at 01:38:21 PM »
Easiest for me with the rear lifter stool removed.. yes between cam and Plate..
A screw into the end of the camshaft will help considerably!! Push, Pull.....
Shovel Head / camshaft end play
« Last post by ironsled on Yesterday at 01:31:44 PM »
hey guys  I do not understand where to place the feeler gauge for the camshaft end play
manual states between thrust plate and camshaft    there is no space what so ever
stock 1981 FLH  Andrews J grind cam
the old camshaft was an Andrews A grind  with .50 spacer
I just do not see it
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