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Twin Cam / T-Man 103
« Last post by Baddyna on Today at 02:29:55 AM »
Planning  a build w leftover parts.  TC-A 2001 cases S-E 23600-00A 4 3/8 crank JE flattops. Ported 2011 heads 1,900 in Looking  at 9,95:-1   S&S Beehives. Have a set used T-Man 625 on the shelf. S-E 25284-11 cam plate  DTT. CV 44 or S&S E   Bassani 2-1.  Bike is FXR  Opinions?
General / Re: S&S acr question (wiring related)
« Last post by Jim Bronson on Yesterday at 10:34:02 PM »
Isn't a solenoid just another name for a starter relay since it uses a low amp draw to toggle the high amp draw of the starter?
The starter relay is a general-purpose small relay that actuates the starter solenoid coil that is part of the starter assembly. There's no starter relay in later bikes. The BCM directly drives the starter solenoid.
General / Re: swingarm bearings 2002 fxd
« Last post by trex on Yesterday at 10:03:22 PM »
looks good. will change that upper mount too
                                                                                                  Let me know what you think of it after it's in
Audio and Electronics / Re: turn signal bulbs.
« Last post by trex on Yesterday at 10:01:30 PM »
Na, I'll stick with the regular bulbs
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Leading Edge 151"er
« Last post by 1FSTRK on Yesterday at 09:36:45 PM »
Twin Cam / Re: FXR 124" twin cam
« Last post by nosjunkie on Yesterday at 09:33:00 PM »
I love seeing FXR projects like this. Those transmission mods look great as does that arm from Joe.

Thanks again TP.... You were the source of the information I needed...
General / belt length
« Last post by Snowyone on Yesterday at 09:21:47 PM »
  My question for the day is the option for different belt lengths.  Picked up a Primo belt drive with the pro clutch for my 53 Pan but find the belt too short.  It's the 8mm by 1 1/2" belt.  Got the tranny slid forward as far as I can and even if I notch the holes it isnt going to make it.  So question is do they make longer belts?  Sure would like to use it for the clutch and slowing down oil spots.

General / Re: Mystery nut?
« Last post by rigidthumper on Yesterday at 08:57:30 PM »
1/4-20 flange nut (7499) is used a couple places,  holds the cruise module in place 95-07 touring,  two piece seats on some road king models, cop application as mentioned above, etc.
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Leading Edge 151"er
« Last post by cdonis on Yesterday at 08:40:11 PM »
From what I gather.  Not 100 percent.
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Leading Edge 151"er
« Last post by 1FSTRK on Yesterday at 08:20:22 PM »
176 hp 190 tq in the @vtwinvisonary fxr build is at now.  Its a pretty badass build that Jeff Holt did using a donor m8 and @motorwitch built into the 151.  Last post I seen Jeff mentioned that leading edge has some heads for it.  I think he expects 200/210

So this is a stock M-8 head on a Leading Edge 151" ?
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