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*****Great news for international customers*****
« on: December 01, 2017, 07:49:05 PM »
Great news for our international brothers and sisters. Rockout rocker shaft inserts are now available to over 100 countries directly through Amazon. Rockout Rocker Products has been accepted into their Global Export program. This means that customers can order directly from the main site,     pay in their own currency, and take advantage of Amazon's logistics & discounted shipping arrangements with their global partners. Just the other day they sent 2 Rockout kits to Latvia  :beer:

 Here is a list of the countries that can receive our products

 Only a tiny percentage of products/vendors are ever accepted into the program... the best of the best. Thanks to your continued support Amazon has recognized the quality and value that our products represent to their customers. Our sincere thanks to you all!

 John at Rockout

Note: At this time only twin cam Rockouts are available on Amazon, for Evo & Sportster kits please use ebay... EBAY Link or click on my website below. ALL versions of inserts are also available for global shipping from the ebay site. Stop the top end TAPPING!!