Author Topic: FS 80 Ironhead engine, Sportster  (Read 219 times)

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FS 80 Ironhead engine, Sportster
« on: December 27, 2017, 05:53:24 AM »
The engine was running when taken apart. it was taken apart for an oil leak. After disassembling I found that one of the cam bushings were wrong size for the Andrews cams that were in it, and the cases were welded and the leak was at the weld. the cases are not a good fit and it ground the gear against the case on the inside. Motor still ran good and I had it up to 90 on the highway no problems getting to speed, this was before disassembly. There was a tick from the lifters which is from the wrong size cam bushing. Other than that it ran and leaked oil. This is everything I know about the engine. It has been in my garage for 2 years and i want it gone. Make a decent offer you get it all.
Thank you

Im in Ohio near Middleburg hts area.
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