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General / Re: EBAY rocker arm
« Last post by friday on Today at 05:46:50 PM »

the Beaumont kids , that rings a bell . I know the case .

youd think the factory could diversify . no OZ cars to shoe . is Toyota "off shore" these days ?
Not in it's current state of tune

I know it nosed over at 6400 last go..didn't quit just went flat

Tuner didn't wanna take it higher

So what rpm would you shift this at?
What rpm would gear to run threw the speed traps?
Tuning only at sea level .. well that is not true . I have tuned bikes at 5300 feet and now I am at 745 feet . I tune bikes that go all over no issues . You can get some areas of the map that can be a bit off due to a massive shift and you run into the limitations of the system .  but that is not a tune fault .

+ 4 on the cam  in my opinion having tested it , not a fan as you are working the intake and ex side . If you open the Ex valve early your are releasing the charge that is pushing on the piston earlier as well .  It may work in one application but not as well in another . 

If you tune at altitude how do you tune the high kpa levels that you can not reach so that they are correct when the customer rides in those high kpa areas at sea level?

+4 or -4 on any cam is going to vary and should be tested on the dyno. That said I have seen many 54+4 combos gain across the board and have never been show one that did not pick up or was left side only. It is based on this that I recommend advancing it on similar builds when I see them.
Audio and Electronics / Re: intercom
« Last post by timcosby on Today at 05:41:14 PM »
thanks will do. just now getting it back together after checking cam chain tensioners
General / Re: EBAY rocker arm
« Last post by FSG on Today at 05:39:56 PM »
Wheels are proudly made in Aussie, at least the cast wheels

not any more   :emsad:

Closure was discussed back in 2011 with a projected close date of 2014 but a 4 year rent free period held the closure off for a while.

General / Re: Anti Gravity Battery fitment problems....
« Last post by timcosby on Today at 05:38:47 PM »
is "anti gravity" the brand name or does it really float above the red lights. if its really anti gravity i need mes one of those!!! sorry couldnt resist :slap:
AFR & Tuning Zone / Re: Need latest cal please
« Last post by Hilly13 on Today at 05:38:37 PM »
Stage 1
Only place I've seen them is the latest software, could send it to you but I bet if your software isn't the latest their will be issues.
Twin Cam / Re: oil pump wavy washer?
« Last post by timcosby on Today at 05:35:54 PM »
mine is a 2004 but my manual which a friend gave me is for the 1999. figgured they had updated something. :hug:
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: I think I just joined the sumping club
« Last post by PoorUB on Today at 05:26:15 PM »
It might be up to the dealer as we all have heard of the MoCo refusing warranty on modded motorcycles. If it is at the dealer that did the mods it should turn out ok as long as the factory does not get involved.
General / Re: 07 ultra swing arm play ?
« Last post by Ratman1640 on Today at 05:22:00 PM »
this swing arm has brass bushing in it and when I slide the pivot shaft into the trans mount there is about 125 thou play when I wiggle the pivot shaft
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