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General / Re: Extensions or not?
« Last post by hattitude on Today at 08:03:05 PM »
Any one ever use one of these or know any thing about them? Rather pricey for some thing that looks like other jacks. Don't understand how they get by with out tie downs.

I have one and it's in another class above all others, unless maybe the Pitbull jack.

I used it as my only jack for years, and then I finally got a lift table.

I still have, and still use the J&S jack, but it is NOT as convenient for many things, as the lift table. At least that's what my 60 yr old back/knees tell me....

PS- If I am going to be wrenching on a bike, while on the J&S jack, I use tie downs... It has places for them...
Twin Cam / Re: This is wrong, right?
« Last post by PoorUB on Today at 07:53:36 PM »
Just pop the wires out and swap the plastic part of the connector.
Twin Cam / Re: cam suggestions
« Last post by Tommy D on Today at 07:33:34 PM »
05 seeg - after 4 years the 124 needs to come out to be freshened up , its time. Putting the 103 back in , had 18k on it when pulled out and ran just fine . Before i put that 103 back in im planning on replacing the cam bearings , chain shoes ect.... Ill also be putting the rhinehart true duels back on in place of the zilla . I never was impressed with the way these 253,s would just nose over , so if this were you , what cams would you consider using ? stock compression and ill be using the t/max thats in it now . thanks in advance for any suggestions.

In itís day, Many went with Zippers 575 gear drive with the weak early tensioners & T Max with good success.
Twin Cam / Re: This is wrong, right?
« Last post by 1FSTRK on Today at 07:22:39 PM »
According to your link the ref#32 black socket 72177-07BK is the front O2 ref#12 part 27809-10 I think there was a bulletin on these being a problem when they first came out.
General / No Dot!
« Last post by tbird on Today at 06:52:44 PM »
Use a static balancer. When there is no balance dot [avon tires]? You just wing it?
Twin Cam / Re: This wrong, right?
« Last post by Barrett on Today at 06:37:50 PM »
Made in Mexico..  :emoGroan:
Twin Cam / camplate/pump...Thayer vs S&S blue
« Last post by HighLiner on Today at 06:31:12 PM »
Always heard good things about Thayer but how does the s&s blue compare?
Twin Cam / This is wrong, right?
« Last post by Chippitt68 on Today at 06:22:47 PM »
I bought an o2 sensor for the front cylinder. Parts book at dealership and Ronnieís micro Fischer give the part #that is on the box, but the black one is for the rear. [ Guests cannot view attachments ]
General / Re: Keep the EVO? or buy new?
« Last post by FXRTexas on Today at 06:22:34 PM »
I have my old FXR 93 but built mid 92. Has about 141K and I ride it on long trips all of the time. This past summer I rode from Sommersvile KY to Corpus Christi TX in about 24 hours. Basically 2 days of hard riding. Of course I did not run 80 or 90 all of the way (seems they have speed laws in other states) But made 60-65 good per hour. I agree with the others in this group start a collection and get all and what you want.

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