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Milwaukee-Eight / Re: T Man cam
« Last post by justaguy on Today at 07:41:11 AM »
Twin Cam / Re: Hydraulic clutch issue
« Last post by IronButt70 on Today at 06:49:46 AM »
I really wish they would have stuck with the cable.
:agree: Glad my 17 heritage uses a cable. I've test ridden several bikes with hydraulic clutches including the new yammy tourer and didn't care for any of them. Are any of them adjustable in any way? I like the clutch set up for me and not by some "engineer."
General / Re: Cycle Electric Voltage Regulator CE-607
« Last post by hogpipes1 on Today at 06:35:27 AM »
There are times in my 365 mi  one way  travel RT.   back home, when a dealer is  100 +mi's  away. I n my bag is tools, Volt Meter,  and a good spare reg. Lots of them on E-bay . Easy to change on my 03 bagger and  done faster than any  wait for a tow.
Twin Cam / Re: Primary Noise After Baker Attitude Adjust Install
« Last post by IRONMIKE113 on Today at 06:33:03 AM »
Make sure the chain is running true,use a straight edge from the front comp to the rear clutch basket sprocket,I forget the min. Offset allowed,but I had to machine my front parts down to get the chain to run straight,read some where about different spacer for the comp,But I just turned mine down,

I know there is flexibility in the chain, maybe not that important,but since I was in there make it right,also updated the charging system ⚡️ CE,,,,,,,

And at this time,that's when I found out my bully baker primary cover wouldn't go on with the baker comp,which reminds me,I have to send it back to (Mark) Baker to get machined down to fit over the comp.,,,,,,, :emoGroan:
General / Re: How does this look
« Last post by IronButt70 on Today at 06:32:28 AM »
Looks like it's just a coating, now what that coating does I don't know
It is an insulator, just like rubber or vinyl on regular wire.  if it goes the winding will short out and quit working, and on that one coil you can see copper in places so it has had it.  Like everyone else suggests replace it.
:agree: This falls into the better safe (change) then sorry.  :chop:
General / Re: A Harley built in 6 minutes
« Last post by IronButt70 on Today at 06:26:49 AM »
I thought t was interesting how much effort was done on the finish of the tank welds.
I like that there are actually people doing some work and welding and not all machines. This makes every bike different in a way.
The precautions they had before anyone could enter their paint room ( which we not allowed in to) were something out of a bio-research clean room. There was a long list of stuff you couldn't wear in there including certain brands of deodorant, after shave, perfume etc. Full painting suits, head to toe. That's why their paint and finish is second to none IMHO.
EVO 1340 / Re: Cylinder Studs
« Last post by wfolarry on Today at 06:12:34 AM »
And this is a perfect example of why most dealerships will not work on older bikes.

Actually I think it's because the bikes are older than the guy that's working on it.  :teeth:
General / Re: repairing battery post
« Last post by kd on Today at 06:06:55 AM »
I had a car battery repaired years ago, they used an oxy torch, a form, and some lead.
It took about 5 minutes, So yes, it can be done.

DO NOT use an open flame anywhere near a battery.  :banghead:  :dgust:
General / Re: How does this look
« Last post by kd on Today at 06:01:52 AM »
This is the "Golden" Spectro 80W that I use. I believe an 85W is still available too as I have purchased it from Bandit. It is their recommended oil. There is an interesting review comment in this Golden Spectro ad.  My results are similar and I do not see a GL5 rating anywhere on the container.
General / Re: repairing battery post
« Last post by smoserx1 on Today at 05:57:09 AM »
If it looks anything like that last photo I would replace the battery.  Those connections carry enormous current and will overheat if not rock solid.  And if your battery connection fails your legs might get some unexpected exercise.
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