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Milwaukee-Eight / Re: M8 2017 flhx quit charging
« Last post by Nastytls on Today at 02:18:13 PM »
Did that cause any other damage in the primary area?
General / Re: Anti-Lock brakes seizing up ?????
« Last post by Ohio HD on Today at 01:55:06 PM »
There are fittings to join up the banjo's but for possible insurance issues if something happens, replacing the lines with OEM manufactured non ABS versions should be fine. Then there's no DOT approved issues.  You know insurance companies?
If it fails at your union, yes, they may have something to say. If it doesn't fail, it's no different than a bleeder screw repair kit.

That all being said, I ordered some of these today. Tired of screwing with the ABS and waiting for something to happen.
General / Re: Anti-Lock brakes seizing up ?????
« Last post by Hossamania on Today at 01:46:16 PM »
By the way, I spoke with my bud last evening about his issue.  He is the one who had to dump into a culvert ditch at 35mph.   He has a 2012 Ultra and has had every service done, including, the ABS work, by HD on schedule.   

His lever & pedal locked up and he freewheeled in traffic when he tried to stop at an oncoming red light with cages in front of him and to his left. 

Not leaving me with a good feeling.  Adios ABS for me.  I'll order parts this weekend and get it done while I'm recovering from a small procedure.

That does not give me a good feeling at all knowing it seems to have been properly serviced. That should sure give more proof that a recall is in order, especially with both brakes failing. Is he filing reports with as many agencies as he can?

The more I think about it, his insurance company should really be the ones filing an incident report with the NHTSA. As more insurance companies get involved, it will really come under scrutiny.
Also, any chance he could contact a local news agency? You'd think a young hungry reporter would like to break a story of failing brakes, a poor design, people getting hurt, and no real response from a major, well loved company.
General / Re: Erratic Volt Gauge Readings
« Last post by Hossamania on Today at 01:37:04 PM »
I hope front bearing is all it is.  Last time I had this problem on our '12 Triglide the stator was going bad.  Wheel bearings are the lesser of two evils.


Much lesser!
General / Re: saddlebag wear plate problems...fix ?
« Last post by ViseGrips on Today at 01:34:27 PM »
 done all 4 of mine today with small nuts bolts and washers after cleaning the wear plates up...I wont have to worry about it anymore. :wink:. :up:
Twin Cam / Re: Breathing into catch can, WTF!
« Last post by No Cents on Today at 01:29:49 PM »
  I'm with you Brian. I drain my catch can about once a week and I get mostly water out of mine with a few drops of oil which I think is normal and acceptable.  :up:

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Milwaukee-Eight / Re: M8 2017 flhx quit charging
« Last post by rbabos on Today at 01:20:32 PM »
That failure point is a bit disturbing. Shouldn't happen.
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: M8 trans fluid leaking in primary
« Last post by 1FSTRK on Today at 01:12:05 PM »
It does address this from the aspect of finding what Harley changed to cause the problem and change that thing back rather than further complicating things and adding more unknowns.
for sale is a 1998 flsts 95th Anniversary Heritage Softtail Springer number 2698 of 3000 produced.  color is midnight red with champagne stripping. bike has 16,741 original miles and i have owned it for 12 yrs. have the new factory takeoff parts as well as other additional accessories that are included in the sale. asking    $14,900
General / Re: turn signal problem ??
« Last post by Jim Bronson on Today at 12:55:48 PM »
It sounds like he has a stored trouble code. I forget the procedure to read it or what each code means, but I'm sure you can find it somewhere. Sounds like maybe a TSSM fault. The code will verify.
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