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Dyno Runs / Re: 2018, 117", FLTRSEI, completely stock
« Last post by badcooky on Today at 08:53:08 PM »
Awesome stuff.
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: CR 460 cam
« Last post by badcooky on Today at 08:35:19 PM »
Subscribed !
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: Milwaukee Eight testing.
« Last post by badcooky on Today at 08:33:17 PM »
Awesome stuff man , this is the stuff.
Do you think a small bump in compression would help or hinder the CR460/450 cams ?
General / Re: Harley specialty tools
« Last post by PoorUB on Today at 08:15:58 PM »
Unless you plan on running a business I wouldn't buy any special tools. A few guys here will loan them out if you need them. I have done a few top ends, big bores, cams and have yet to buy any specialty tools other than a wheel bearing puller, the "dog bone" top end wrenches and I made a ACR socket. I have been doing engine work for years so I do have a bunch of tools, but very few that I can say I bought just to do work on a Harley.

I have a couple dial indicators, but no specific tool for checking flywheel run out, although I can do it with what I have. A dial indicator and magnetic base will get you by for most instances. You might need to have a steel plate to bolt to the crankcase to mount the mag base.
Might reach out to Jamie @ Fuel Moto for more info on cylinders.

One thing for sure, this won't be done with left over lunch money.

  thanks...I'll speak with Jamie too about what I'm wanting to do.  :up:
Let's just say I know it won't be cheap...but I saved my change up for 30 years for this thing  :hyst:

dibs on the current engine  :smiled:

General / Re: Harley specialty tools
« Last post by Thermodyne on Today at 07:54:09 PM »
Unless you are going into the business, buy em as you need em. 
Twin Cam / Re: HD Six Speed Rebuild
« Last post by Thermodyne on Today at 07:50:27 PM »
I would advise you not to pre order parts.

You get in there and find that the power shifts are sketchy because the dog teeth have rounded corners, and you might decide to go another way with it. 
Thanks for the hands on knowledge.
Buell / Re: Sportster engine to a Buel?
« Last post by 1FSTRK on Today at 07:29:00 PM »
What year/model Buell?
What year/model Sportster?
Some will, some won't.
Milwaukee-Eight / Re: M8 issues rare ?
« Last post by badcooky on Today at 07:28:42 PM »
Same here ,I've known the salesman at my local Hd shop for over forty years ,his son is the mechanic there ,they've had no sumping or transfer issues but they have seen the memos from the MOFOCO.
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