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Re: V-Rod market
« Reply #75 on: October 14, 2017, 07:04:09 AM »
While I don't disagree with a new frame and going after the Scout, I think part of the issue is that the motor is bigger and taller, probably heavier, leading to packaging problems in a smaller frame. I think that's what lead to the non-traditional ergonomics of the V-Rod that many could not get past.
I also heard that the motor would not pass euro 4 emissions, and that also lead to its end. Not positive on that, though. I also heard that about the Victory motor.
Probably the most likely reason for dropping the line since overseas was the main market for the v rod. Emissions testing in euro is getting really tough now. True, the Revolution is one big heavy bitch, say compared to the Scout engine or Ducati where every nook and cranny has been sculptured out to save weight.

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Re: V-Rod market
« Reply #76 on: October 16, 2017, 01:15:59 AM »
Gee , a lot of the younger guys love them over here , they are all crying that they won't be made any more. personally they don't suit me but I don't mind riding them every now and then. Hey you ccould box them up and send them over here.