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Shovel Head / Ultima single fire ignition
« Last post by One4Tone on Yesterday at 10:21:59 PM »
...thinking of trying the Ultima Single fire ignition. I guess it eliminates the auto advance, the points, and they say single fire gives good spark and it has adjustments for different applications.  I have a 75 fx bone stock, kick only, other than pipes and old round style Mikuni. The bike had been a one kick bike but every now and again something in the ignition would act up. The motor is strong and it's a joy to ride. Any opinions on this Ultima single  fire ignition would be appreciated...thank you..
Twin Cam / Re: Show those Twin Cams
« Last post by Cabreco on Yesterday at 09:06:51 PM »
Well After being tortured by my 1990 Electra Glide, chasing down leaks & gremlins in the EVO for 2 years (down to painting now) I decided to pull the trigger on a new(er) Harley. So finally my 2 up riding 1984 Touring Yamaha Venture Royale is being put out to pasture. I just picked up a sweet 2016 Road Glide Ultra with only 3,100 for $16K.

General / Re: Sena Helmet
« Last post by Hossamania on Yesterday at 08:45:16 PM »
I think Motorcyclist magazine a review of the full face Sena last issue. They said it was ok, there are better choices out there for the money. I will look it up tomorrow morning to refresh my memory, but I think the gist was that they make good communication devices, but have a way to go with helmets.
I just looked it up, the Momentum INC full face helmet, gave it a "C", said the ear cups create pressure points, the buttons for the comm were fiddly, seemed to be made for a specific shaped head.
The 3/4 may be different.
Audio and Electronics / Re: Wild Boar Audio
« Last post by Rockout Rocker Products on Yesterday at 08:43:37 PM »
I have the BT 4180 amp, 7.1 front speakers & MM651s in the rear pods. The whole system was plug & play. It's not going to win an audio competition but I'm  happy with it.

 The folks at BT are second to none in customer service & warranty, & give a nice discount to HDF members (they are a sponsor there).  :up:
Twin Cam / Re: Pros & Cons of wet head bike (twin cooled)
« Last post by klammer76 on Yesterday at 07:49:14 PM »
Thanks for all the info.

Twin Cam / Re: Black spot on saddlebags
« Last post by smoserx1 on Yesterday at 07:36:46 PM »
Twin Cam / Re: Pros & Cons of wet head bike (twin cooled)
« Last post by Boe Cole on Yesterday at 07:25:28 PM »
I really like the newer RGU's but about my only negative feeling towards them is not being able to remove the lowers. 
To me, it is not a deal breaker - the newer bikes/engine combinations outweigh a little heat.
Twin Cam / Re: Black spot on saddlebags
« Last post by Boe Cole on Yesterday at 07:21:32 PM »
Plugs are definitely not showing a rich condition.  To me, they look good, possibly a little lean but still good.  I'd ride it if it runs normally.
Twin Cam / Re: 117 or 124?
« Last post by peckerwood on Yesterday at 06:57:31 PM »
dame,  :chop:
Twin Cam / Re: 117 or 124?
« Last post by festus on Yesterday at 06:54:49 PM »
Not so much HP  how you ride/shift.....
Iíve broke a belt on a 80in EVO 
Havenít had any prob with my bikes since, now I donít bang it
On cold pavement and keep the belt nice and tight 

Brother in law has a 17 RG 114  Stage 4  with a
Tman 226 And billet cat  has broke two belts and
Tore out the transmission and only 2757 miles on bike
Itís only pushing 124 Sq?
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