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Re: Rocker bushing reamer
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   I just did a search, and in USA, you can get new OEM rockers for about $50 ea. (after market -$40), I know Dudly is probably more.  On literarily the other end of the issue, I find that the hard surfacing on the pads are far more likely to wear though, and bushing wear is semi -nominal as a major concern. If a bushing is worn .002-.003 out of round (.0035 is wear limit), it still is loaded upwards by spring & lifter pressure, so noise is the only serious consideration, and that's subjective. Oil will get though to the springs, and it won't cause a catastrophic failure. 
   If your still stuck on buying a Jim's ream, I seen one on Ebay for $188 shipped state side.

I recommend getting stuck on the JIMS tool.  I'd rather have the reamer tool in my toolbox rather than the checkbook tool.  More fun, at least for me it is.

I know EXACTLY what you are saying. :up:
More fun & a bigger estate sale! :hyst:

You got it!  Cost of a specialty tool: $xxx.  Not having to ever leave your garage when doing a complex job on a Harley over and over: Priceless!