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Rocker Lockers, the first to offer rocker arm bushings for twin cams, the first to offer bushings for late model Sportsters, the first to include Teflon centering tools to ease installation, are pleased to be the first to offer Rocker Lockers for the EVO Big twin and the early Sportsters.
After three months of extensive research, design and testing the totally redesigned kits are ready for shipment.
If you haven't seen our video check it out.

Since the EVO and Early sportster uses the same rocker arm and rocker shaft and bolt as the TC, It suffers from the same rocker shaft rotation and noise due to the shaft hitting the bolt that was supposed to lock it; the Rocker Lockers for EVOs and early Sportsters lock the shaft and eliminate this annoying tick.

The included Teflon centering tool insures alignment of the shaft for installation.


The difference in the kit and the TC is because of the design of the lower rocker box and it's machining. The EVO/early sportster kits bushing are longer and thicker.
They still have the taper to lock them in and a centering tool to ensure the alignment of the shaft is also included. The kit also has a longer bolt and nut to pull the longer bushing in.

The EVO kit fits years 85-99 and the Early Sportster kit fits 86-06 (in 07 they changed the lower box design, those take the late Sportster kits.)

For more information visit our web page at or visit
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Re: Rocker Lockers Introduces EVO Big Twin and Early Sportster Kits.
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