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Dyno Runs / Re: 2018, 107'', FLHTCUTG, S&S 465 CAM
« Last post by pwmorris on Today at 06:16:55 PM »
Very nice-
No games here, with all run conditions stated and clear before/after results with everything on the table.
This sheet could travel anywhere, anytime, no excuses, and showing the purpose of all Dyno sheets really. Testing. Testing different parts, good and bad, what works and what doesn't for a given package, and posting the honest, transparent results-

General / Re: Clutch cable lengths?
« Last post by Harley_Cruiser Rocker Lockers on Today at 06:16:21 PM »
A lot of times your Harley dealer will have take offs from bikes that have changed handlebars and you can pick them up cheap to check for length. Route them where you want to get a better idea for how long you need them.
General / Re: Clutch cable lengths?
« Last post by Maddo Snr on Today at 05:54:54 PM »
Thanks lads, excellent advice!
Dyno Runs / Re: 2018, 107'', FLHTCUTG, S&S 465 CAM
« Last post by 1FSTRK on Today at 05:53:27 PM »
 :up: :up:
Great job Joe
Which Ness air cleaner?
General / Ceramic on Exhaust Pipes
« Last post by Die Hard on Today at 05:51:51 PM »
What exactly is the purpose of ceramic coating on exhaust pipes? Is it for performance, heat dissipation or something else?
Also, if the ignition is stock, you might try advancing it a couple degrees.
That cam turns on at mid rpms, so if you are using it to putt around, not running it much past 2700 or more rpms and short shifting, you are not getting the benefits of the cam.
On the 94 and earlier baggers, the muffler to header connection is a flange connection, not slip fit. That is why you never nearly the muff selections you do for 95 thru 16. Easy to over come, saw/cut off the flange on the headers and you can use all the 95-16 slip fit mufflers.
It would of made more hp/tq but with chain drive (ripped the belt drive) and a larger than stock ratio trans sprocket cutting power short.
It made what it made, no more, no less.....on THIS Dyno, on this day, under these conditions.
BTW, who told you chain makes more than belt? Seriously.
Once you are in 1:1, it makes what it makes, no matter how much you wish it would make more.
Don't compare it to that 117", even though you have more cubes, almost a point more comp, a much bigger lift cam, and some of the baddest street heads in the World.
It is a nasty 120-all day.

Twin Cam / Re: Canít figure this out. Noise.
« Last post by shovelinabox on Today at 05:22:07 PM »
Any chance you have 96Ē head gaskets in there? Piston could be contacting the fire ring.
It had the correct head gasket when I put it together. Itís been apart since then, but I didnít do it. Iím not certain the Indy used the right gasket, but I donít think new lifters would have stopped
The noise. Good point tho, never had that suggestion before.
I had one in my shop that was an 88 bored to a 95. Customer ordered a gasket kit for his bike and installed it. Never took into consideration the change in bore. It was tough to find because it wasn't always there. Had to be warm engine and came in just off idle to about 3K and quit. I tore it down and found the piston just barely contacting the fire ring. Tossed in a new set of 96 gaskets and all fixed..
Its difficult to find good value (affordable) pipes for the older bikes. I assume you don't want to spend $1000 or more.....? I had a similar issue last year and I found a 2 into 1 pipe by Patriot. Quite happy with the fit, finish, sound, installation and the performace. It was new and less than $400. I don't know if they're still available but you might want to take a look. Do you have the stock air cleaner on it too?
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