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General / Re: 2019 Clutch Options
« Last post by ViseGrips on Yesterday at 04:59:15 AM »
 clutch cables.. :up:
General / Adjusting pushrods, help needed please...
« Last post by Maddo Snr on Yesterday at 04:41:34 AM »
This fresh valve train has about 5000 miles on board now. S&S hydraulic lifters (normal type, not the low travel ones) and Smith Bros pushrods.

On adjusting the rods (zero lash plus 19 flats) I end up with too much pre-load on the valves and the bike coughs but won't start.

I'm pretty sure it's because the lifters aren't fully pumped up at the time I'm picking up zero lash. From new I just filled them with oil and went from there.

Is there a trick I can use here to make sure the lifter is in its pumped-up position before setting the preload? The symptoms of the non-start are valves not closing.

Thanks in advance, Pete.
Twin Cam / Re: Friends 09 SG 96 toast
« Last post by CndUltra88 on Yesterday at 04:40:58 AM »
Look up Russel in Nanaimo (LoneWolf Performance) and stay away from that Car dealership at the South end of Vancouver Island....
There is a crate motor on Craigs List from Edmonton that I would stay away from too...
Shoot me a PM Dene if you need some help locating something on the mainland and transporting to the Island.
I'm close to the Swartz Bay or Nanaimo.
General / Re: Carbed ignition harness 32435-00 & 32435-02
« Last post by cbobsharley on Yesterday at 04:35:50 AM »
I had done my conversion several years ago, more then 10. I recall having some of the same problems understanding the part numbers  for the harness that where available to me. I have an 01 flhtc that came with EFI that I converted to carb. My service manual shows part #32435-01. The change is not the elimination of the cam sensor, the cam sensor was EFI models only. The change is in connector #8 of the harness, in regards too oil pressure sending units. I think the 00 part number didn't have an indicator light at the dash, the 01, did have an indicator light, the 02 cleaned up the wiring with a 12 pin connector at #8. The cam position sensor for EFI models only, was connector #14. 01 was last year for MM EFI in touring models, Delphi EFI was used in 02 for touring models, Softail models using EFI had changed to Delphi EFI in 01. Clear as mud, right? Sorry for the long post.
Twin Cam / Re: Milling tapered piston to fit non-tapered rod
« Last post by prodrag1320 on Yesterday at 04:32:34 AM »
well i live in so cal there is an engine builder/bike shop on every street corner. i have several that ask me to do bench timken conversions which i will not do.

curious why you wont do Timken conversions (???)
Twin Cam / Re: Zippers dual piston tensioners
« Last post by prodrag1320 on Yesterday at 04:30:09 AM »
the CYRO pads are great for the 99-06 models,but ive also had problems with fitment on 07 up.tried them twice,didnt like how they fit,put them back on the shelf & used OEM
Members On The Track / Re: passing of Alec Muth
« Last post by prodrag1320 on Yesterday at 04:26:41 AM »
I watch & keep up with AFT,being a ex flat tracker myself.didnt hear about this till now,very sad. RIP
Twin Cam / Re: Zippers dual piston tensioners
« Last post by Scott P on Yesterday at 04:17:02 AM »
The Zippers units work good, as do Fueling, as do S&S.
Seen all in service.
Pan Head / Re: STD heads, Specs
« Last post by Scott P on Yesterday at 04:12:32 AM »
STD only manufactured them with Shovelhead intake ports.
My 98" Pan runs VERY well with those.
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