Author Topic: Mismatched "sensativity" in the sound system  (Read 247 times)

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Mismatched "sensativity" in the sound system
« on: January 17, 2018, 06:28:33 AM »
A speaker's sensitivity is a measure of the relationship between the power input and the sound output  :fish: Has anyone checked the reported Db level form the system that is a UNMATCHED mulit speaker system? Seems that 89Db @ 1 watt 1k Hrz. You. have 1400+ watt in your HD system with 'the "speaker to have". You just Bump it up with wattage. I have taken my own personal DB meter to shows and have to LMAS. US O L D  car guy went thru this BS way back when. IMHO pick a well matched "complete" set that fits and has a good Db per 1 watt (92 or BETTER) THEN pick your amp(s) You may be VERY Pleased with the result. More coin in your pocket to!!! IF LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES!!!! THEN trunk rattle and MOTOR CYCLE distortion WILL SAvE MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!! All thing are IMO