Author Topic: Rocker Lockers announces a kit for all aftermarket rocker arm plates.  (Read 379 times)

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We have developed and offered a kit for all aftermarket plates for some time but have held off saying anything until all the fitment testing was done.
Over the years Harley has changed the design for the rocker arm support plate, one of the changes is in the bolt holes. The aftermarket plates have incorporated both of these hole designs and some aftermarket venders have even changed hole size over the years on their plates.
We have purchased every updated design plate for the Evolution and all the Sportster plates to insure proper fitment of our inserts in those models.
No, one size, length, does not fit all.
We have worked closely with our customers to design inserts to fit specific aftermarket plates and have come up with two designs that between the two, fit all aftermarket plates.
The new kit includes both sets and cost a couple of dollars extra but eliminates the hassle of inserts that do not fit, and eliminates the wait for custom made inserts.
If by chance you run into a plate that we have not tested, and this kit does not fit, donít hesitate to contact me. Or if you have bought a kit for twin cam not knowing about the new aftermarket kit and it did not fit your aftermarket plate contact me and I will send you the new kit, no questions ask.
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