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Bates style headlight on XLH
« on: May 10, 2011, 10:38:09 PM »
Hello folks
I'm thinking of putting a Bates style headlight on my '89. Ideally I want it a similar height to the eyebrow mounted light, but with a bottom mount. I will also need a chrome finisher for the top triple tree like on the 1200C models. Has anyone done a tidy conversion? I have seen a few bikes with lots of ugly wiring hanging out the back of the light and the headlight very low on the trees, which I think spoils the lines of the bike. I could go for the OEM 1200C light but don't want it to be the same as the other gazillion Sportster custom models out there. I have all the handlebar connectors as well as the flasher unit in my OEM headlight.
Is there an aftermarket finisher by V-Twin or similar, or a kit with the headlight and finisher?
Do the longer 9" long 'bullet' headlights sit nicely on the trees and front end or do they look a bit 'added on as an afterthought'?
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