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What are you waiting for ??
« on: January 31, 2009, 12:51:49 PM »
This same topic was posted in the "General" section.
I know some don't get to "general to often, so here's the spiel..........

A short while ago a member Named "Clinster" had a great idea for "roadside assistance".
This is to help (you) any HTT member should you breakdown on the road near a contributing member.
This is a free service to any HTT member.
Wouldn't it be nice just to have this "no cost" insurance in mind when you travel?
Did I mention that it's free.
Also another member named "Coyote", has offered to make a "Roadside members list" in his spare (spare, lol) time.
In general, here's how it works........sign up with Coyote, AKA Keith, as to your willingness to help another brother or sister in need of roadside help, in your given area.
It doesn't matter if you have tools, mechanical ability or whatever.
Maybe someone just needs a blanket to warm them up while sitting under an overpass in the rain.
If you can provide that proverbial blanket, then they're looking for you in that capacity to help another biker/rider.
Maybe someone needs directions that is hopelessly lost in your area.
Can you give directions to help the one who's lost?
If you can, they're looking for you.

Did I mention that this is "FREE INSURANCE" for you and I?   
 Nationwide too, if they get enough to sign up.
At the top of the HTT home page it states we have 5,600 members and only 63 people have signed up so far for roadside assistance, so far pretty poor.
Couldn't you offer to help in this worth while cause?
We as a club of riders need you, lets all hold hands on this to stay united, to help out each another.

Here's the sign up link:

Oh.....did I mention, it's free??

    You may need help sometime, you never know.
                     So.......what are you waiting for?? 

Thx for listening !!   
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