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oil, part II
« on: June 20, 2016, 11:06:20 AM »
bike been sitting in my shop/az room all june.
I pulled off glass tank and seat to put bike in long term storage till winter.
been 120 here lately in valley of the sun.
looking at it as I walk in daily thinking I should push it out to trailer and load in. hence the 120 reference...
then it hit me. looking at front head just sitting  there in open.

I 7 bolts away from taking off front rocker cover to check.

(too bad have to remove rear head, push rods carb and stuff to pull rear cover.)
I think I know where extra oil is going.
two years ago when I started to stick front valve in tight guide I hunted through my stash and came up with 10 rockers.  got the best four. ground clearance on underside so would clear spring pack. polished.
high lift.... if left stock the under side of rocker will push on spring collar instead of top of valve stem.  follow?

well, in my thinking at time more oil is better. I put the exhaust rockers on ex AND intake.  exhaust have oil hole to lube that valve.
ahem, more oil is better?  well, the  exhaust oil gets burned and out exhaust it goes.
the extra oil on intake goes through intake guide to cylinder, compression power  exhaust cycles.
dumping oil into the cylinder.  when running it hard on freeway I thinking I just pushing oil out and its burning clean. using a lot extra of it.
in town its fouling plugs and hard starting.  (I change plugs daily)
soo one evening when it cools to 105 I will pull front rocker and confirm they still in there.

my feeble brain thinking I tried this also many years ago and took them out.
did I forget?  if found, oil holes on intake when remove that will be part of the problem.
loose pistons still there. but been loose for years.
I not lacking for compression..
I guess SOMETIMES the factories know whats up.

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Re: oil, part II
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2016, 02:21:11 PM »
Now that's funny! Sounds like you might be on the right track. We often make our own problems, dont we?
Hopefully that will take care of it, when you get to it. At least a good place to start.
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