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Magneto Grounding out
« on: April 13, 2009, 02:58:21 PM »
On a 1968 XLCH, with a manual advance magneto, should there be continuity from the ground termal to ground, without the kill button attached?  The kill button mounted upon the bars, grounds out the mag when pressed and stops the motor.  I disconected the kill switch from the mag and tested for continuity to ground and there was.  If I understand the kill switch, when depressed that will ground the mag.  But should there already be a ground at that terminal?  I havent touched the mag and it worked before i pulled it out.  What can i look for.  The keyswitch has not been touched because i dont have a key yet the bike ran prior to this.  When rebuilding the top end, i removed the mag and reinstalled it.  I never even took off the cover.


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Re: Magneto Grounding out
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if your points are closed it will be grounded. turn the engine over so the points are open, then try your test.