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T-Man Performance

Started by MaryMoore-CED, August 29, 2017, 09:10:33 AM

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Hello HarleyTechTalk!

We wanted to pop in and provide some background information for those who have never heard of us.

A True Passion For Racing
For TR it all began in his father's shop, Reiser's Cycle Service, in Columbus, Ohio. After years of training with various Harley dealerships, he turned his focus to high performance. In 1996 he met his wife, Martha Delaney. It was good fortune that found an Easyrider franchise opening near her hometown. T-Man Performance opened their doors in 1997 in Kernersville, NC. Brandon is training under his father to ensure the legacy continues.

Meet The Experts. Meet The Team.
We are continuously working on R&D and training to stay on top of the constant changes that our industry brings. Our team of experts work hard to educate customers and ensure the outcome desired is what you receive.

We invite you to check-out our website at

If you have any questions - the quickest way to reach us is by phone at 336-993-7068 or, by email at


HighLiner there somebody monitoring to answer technical questions?


Absolutely, welcome to HTT!


Welcome...& I believe that you are mislead....all of us that are "informed", have heard about you. :up: :beer: