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Started by L-, September 04, 2017, 08:54:29 AM

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Haven't been here in years. But just put ROCKOUTS in my 2001FLHR and it helped like day and night. I had a very, very noisy engine and contributed it to the high lift cams and springs from HEAD QUARTERS.  91,000 miles and still going strong.

My rocker plate was not bored straight and looked like you had drilled from one side half way, turned it over and tried to hit the hole dead on. There was a ledge and it was worked out with a round file. Then the small end of the brass shims were chamfered with an RCBS tool designed for reloading ammo.  They went in perfect.

This is one cheap fix, dollar wise, that is absolutely great.   Thanks Mr. John Lindsey for a great product.

Rockout Rocker Products

Thanks man, great to hear from another happy, tap free Rockout user  :up: :up: Stop the top end TAPPING!!

Bill in OKC

I installed the Rockouts in my 2013 Breakout.  Did a cam swap and was going to use quick install pushrods to save some work but also wanted to quiet down the valve train.  Ended up re-using the pushrods, saving a few bucks and got rid of some top end noise doing both cams and Rockouts at the same time.  Great instructions and video. Thanks!
'13 Breakout


Have installed a bunch of these now as well. Wont pull a rocker box without installing a set. Simple and effective.

Rockout Rocker Products

Thanks guys  :up:

There is no better advertising than happy customers   :beer: :beer:

Thank you all very much for your continued support.

John @ Rockout Stop the top end TAPPING!!