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Lets see your Iron head

Started by nxcj, November 01, 2008, 04:49:42 PM

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Quote from: JK on November 29, 2014, 08:45:38 AM
My 24yo sons first build. A 1985 XLH that sat outside for 10 years. Crank pin up rebuild.[attach=1,msg865664]

Super clean! An inspiration...


Originals I believe. I have an aftermarket system that came with the bike.
I have it sitting under a sheet up at the garage at the lake.
I bought it as an investment, not as a rider. I watched them at Mecum go for close to $20K a couple years ago and lately one went on fleabay for a little under $10K. Tires are original and all checked so there would be some work to ride it but who knows?
Thank you for the compliments BTW!

jls 64

Congratulation nice looking bike.ride it.


   The ones JW 113 pictures are the ones I have and remember, plus the exhaust was more satin The one one the bike looks to shiny. Plus you can check and see if it has the EPA numbers stamp in them and for what year. Still a nice looking bike.


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A work in progress; should be riding within a week.
Thanks for all the help here

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Looks pretty good from what I can see...Enjoy!


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As found and today...

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