Apple Carplay on 2019 Roadglide Ultra hack?

Started by Little Al, November 22, 2018, 11:11:23 AM

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I just bought the newly released GTS radio that will work in the earlier Rushmore bikes. I had WHIM enabled at the dealer and CarPlay isn't working when I plug in my IPhone in. Hopefully I'm doing something wrong.


There are 3 options when they enable WHIM...corded connection, bluetooth connection and I'm not sure on the last...maybe no voice commands? Make sure thet they checked the correct box for your set-up.


There are a couple videos on YouTube that can be helpful.
There is also a page in the GTS manual that shows the setup. Yes, there IS a manual that you probably didn't get with your bike.
It's definitely a PITA to get to work properly and mine still has some glitches.
When it's working it works fine. I'm using mine mainly for pandora and othe streaming music and some voice texting, and an occasional phone call.
Hope this gets you in the right direction.

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I know this is an old thread but a friend of mine talked me through this today on a 2020 Model

• It will NOT work if you have the "WHIM" (Wireless Headset Interface Module). You will have to reflash the Radio. But the Phone's Bluetooth will connect to your Headset using an aftermarket.
• Parts:
o 1 ea. 12 Pin Female MOLEX-150 GRAY Connector #NM-3
o 2 ea. Female Stamped Molex NM-33012-1002
o 10 Hole Plugs NM-34345001 (10 Pk)
o 3" #18 AWG
• Instructions:
o Jump Pins 8&9
o Install 10 Hole Plugs
o Install on 12 Pin Connector [280A] P&A Connector, Gray 12-way

You now have Apple Car Play without having to have an attached Mic. Text messages can be heard but do not display on the screen.


If I can find it there is some one already selling the pre made plugs 4

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Quote from: cbumdumb on December 29, 2020, 08:26:09 PM
If I can find it there is some one already selling the pre made plugs 4

After all that write up, someone sent me a pic of a 20 cent mod LOL


I own a 2019 Ultra and performed the following modification to an old HD headset circa 2014ish in order to use CarPlay without a headset . 

For the record - this was in a thread on HDF.and it works great with CarPlay including being able to use controls on the handlebars.

"I took an old wired headset that came with my 2016 Road Glide and took it apart. It has a little circuit board about 1/2 inch by 1.inch soldered between pins 1 and 4.

I cut the boom mic off and the little speakers right where they were soldered on to the 7-pin din cable.

This left the cable with the little circuit card hanging off of it. I plugged that into the 7-pin din connector on the gas tank of my 2019 Road Glide, plugged my iPhone into the usb connector in the fairing, and turned on the bike. Et voila! "

The CarPlay menu came up. Music and navigation through the bike's speakers. I like the iPhone maps app better than the navigation on the GTS.

I shortened the long cable  to make a small dongle. 








I apologize for not providing any descriptions above as I tapped the post tab and not preview.

The photos above reflect modifications to an older HD headset I had. Not working last year due to the virus gave me time over think the packaging.

Photo below reflects how the modded headset works with CarPlay.



I found another way to get CarPlay to work. I found this in road glide forum.
I cut the cable from the 7pin connector and twisted the red and black wires together( pins 1 and 4). Plugged into PASSENGER port and CarPlay comes up.

Little Al

sorry for the late reply guys but I finally did go to a dealer, he "flashed" the radio so carplay would work without a headset. Took him like 3 minutes and he didn't even charge me!
Gotta set it up in the right sequence for it to work. Ignition on first, plug in unlocked phone activate Sirri (I have Sirri off for listening, so I have to press the home button to activate her).
And don't listen to dealers that won't do it. I went to 4 dealers before the last one did it. Two told me Harley took away that option in the dealer's programming tool and one told me they stopped doing it because guys we're coming back with engine lights on but no fault showing until they reversed the programming. All bull"Potty mouth". Over a year now and I've used it 1000's of times without a problem
Little Al
Little Al