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Clutch help

Started by fido, November 29, 2019, 11:52:50 AM

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I have a baker 6 speed in a project I'm finishing up. Well working in LOL

Sir#AHO192 anyone at Baker if you can get me some speks on this trans I would appreciate any info on it. Thanks.
Called Baker about a week ago no reply yet.

I need the pushrod, basket nut(LH), adjuster bolt, adjusting bolt and nut.

I measure 11.75" inside shaft to the end. (shaft-threads).
Boyce pro 4" belt drive. I have a plate and snapping but nothing else as far as adjustment goes.

Does the push rod have to be shorter or longer then the shaft? I also take there is a seal in the nut? Does that seal on the rod or adjuster.
Thanks for any help. I can get more measurements if needed just let me know.