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a police stator?

Started by rittchie66, June 01, 2020, 10:47:48 PM

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hi.. just got new system installed on my 2008 flhtcu (deck,amp,speakers) and the guy told me i should be fine but if i have any charging problems i could put a police stater in it.. that it has more power.. anyone heard of this?  and i just changed my regulator with a cycle electric unit, would it be compatible with a higher power stator?


The cop bikes got stator 29987-06x same as the non-cop bikes.  2006 and later it's the three phase 50 amp charging system.  That's the best Harley offers.



We have dozens of police bikes and the stators are all the same as civilian models.  The only electrical difference on police bikes is that the tour packs offered by Whelen and Harley have a second battery in them so you can run the emergency lights with the bike shut off without draining the main battery.


fleetmechanic, with a second battery in the tour pack, does the charging system use some sort of an isolater?