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Whip Antenna Replacement

Started by Tommy D, November 28, 2020, 08:27:12 PM

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Tommy D

How do these compare in signal strength to HD's short antenna replacement's
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Got to be better than the stock one that pokes your eye every time you walk behind your scooter ! Seriously though, J&M makes good products, give it a try, they will take it back if you are not satisfied.

Pirsch Fire Wagon

Honestly, I have yet to see one work well at all. Including H-D which in most cases are even worse.


Yeah Ive tried 3 or 4 different hidden and stubby antenna's and none of them worked on my bike.  I just listen to spotify thru bluetooth and stopped trying to get an antenna to work.
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Audio amplifiers and LED headlights are notorious for killing FM reception. So putting an antenna right next to those devices isn't going to work well. Not mention mounting the amp on top of the radio.


I bought a pair of cheap 7" stubby antennas a couple of years ago on Amazon.  I think the pair was around 25 bucks.  I put them on an 03' FLHTCUI.  I was a little skeptical.  I've had them on since, with no loss of Radio Signal or the Weatherband.  The CB even works with them, but I never use it.
I had replaced the original Stock Whip Antennas with 10" antennas.  I still felt that those were too tall.  So, on went the 7"ers.  I like them.  No issues.


I tried  a set of shorties that had great reviews and was disappointed.  I installed them and was listening to the radio while I walked around the bike checking some other things out.  The radio would cut right out if as I passed by a couple of spots walking.  I could do it on purpose after I noticed it.  The bike never left the shop with them on.