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update on my GTS BOOM Upgrade

Started by Heatwave3, October 02, 2020, 06:49:22 AM

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Just a quick update on my GTS upgrade to my 2017 CVO Limited .... almost a year later. Very pleased and now can't imagine riding without the advantages of CarPlay for long distance trips. I also couldn't imagine going back to the slower operating GT radio.

After almost 10,000 miles riding with the new GTS radio, I have only one complaint. Why can't HD include a "distance to turn" with direction indicator permanently on the map screen? I've done the latest GTS update and they still do not offer it. They include a "time to turn" but no "distance to turn" field. There is a distance to turn field that pops up when you are close to the turn but sometimes I want to know far in advance how close I am to the next turn on my route. Almost all GPS Nav systems provide a permanent "Distance to turn" with a directional arrow on the main map screen.

The only way to view the distance to turn that I could find, is to look in "maneuvers" which then takes you off the map screen. Not a very convenient approach to viewing your "distance to turn". Otherwise I am very pleased with the upgrade to the GTS BOOM Nav Radio system.


Thanks for the info and I agree with you on the "distance to turn" field!