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Does changing out Boom Audio to non Harley amp and speakers void warranty?

Started by ken6217, February 19, 2021, 02:44:33 PM

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I have a 2020 Road Glide. Thinking of changing out my Boom Speakers and amp for GZ and Hertz speakers, and Sound Digital amp and Stinger battery. 

I was just wondering if this voids my HD Warranty? Anyone know for certain?


Probably, at least for the stereo. If the factory stereo fails good chance the dealer will blame the non-OEM amp and speakers. It really depends on the dealer. It will not affect warranty on the rest of the bike, engine and drive train.
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Only void warranty of the audio stuff.

Just like when I built my motor, it and the power train warranty was void.  However since then my speedometer was replaced, my seat, and my front rotors all under warranty.
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Make sure that whatever you get is plug and play.  I was told that if you cut into any of the wires that Harley would void your warranty.  Not sure how true it is, but I wouldn't want to take a chance.