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Thoughts on DSP?

Started by Eccool, March 09, 2021, 03:14:54 PM

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What do you guys think about a DSP such as the DSR 1 by Rockford Fosgate?  I've been told everything (from audio pros) from it's absolutely necessary to "it's okay, but not necessary" to "absolutely not needed, don't waste your money".  2019 Limited, want to do speakers front & rear and an amp.  DSP - needed or not?  Thanks!


It depends on what speakers and amp you are running. For a simple 4 channel amp running coax speakers then you will need to get your head unit flashed for the RF flash. You will need a sni-15 line converter to change the high output from your boom to low level rca input for the amp. You can get by with using the high pass filter on the amp and not need a dsp. If you are running pro audio type speakers (woofer and tweeter) the you do need a dsp to band pass the outputs to your speakers. For instance, tweeters cant play frequencies lower then 2500K or so. If you try to they will blow. You cant play 6.5 woofers past 7000K or lower than 75K as they will sound like poop past that frequency. So then you will need a dsp to tune each speaker to the frequency it will play at and sound good.

Hope this helps.


It helps tremendously!  Thanks!


If you are looking for a good user friendly dsp, the dayton 408 is about as good as it gets for both user friendly software and price point. You can get one for $150 or so. I ran one for almost a year until I got a DD dsi-3 as it has 12 channels and that is needed for my setup.