2019 Ultra amp and speaker upgrade

Started by Hossamania, March 21, 2021, 06:45:40 PM

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A friend has a '19 Ultra limited, wants to replace the speakers in the dash and tour pack (pack removed when riding solo), wants to add speakers to the lowers, and add an amp. I just need some ideas to give him rather than going with the HD offerings. I'm assuming that some aftermarket setups are better than the HD stuff. I just haven't been following the latest or recommended offerings. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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Try searching on Crutchfields and see if they have anything. I know they have recommendations for older models.


Thanks. I'm going to have him talk to California Phil too. I know he wants a complete solution, preferably by someone knowledgeable with his specific model, so he doesn't have to piece together different bits.
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For Speakers, I just have 4 Focals installed on my Ultra they have different options for Amp's also, i still have the HD head unit but with the addition of just the speakers it's like night and day.
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I had purchased my speakers and amp from Biketronics. Plug and play system and excellent customer service.


I know the Biketronics setups were well regarded a few years ago, they came up often in past discussions. I passed that on, as well as the Hogtunes Wild Hogs set up that California Phil liked a couple years ago.
Again, we learn from history that we do not learn from history


First you will need your head unit flashed to add aftermarket amp and speakers. The best flash for a 4 channel is the RF flash or a 8/2 flash. You will then need a PAC sni-15 line converter to convert the spaeker signal from your HU to low level (rca) inputs to the amp.

Now the best bang for the buck today is ground zero 6.5 yellow basket coax or mmats pa 601 cx coax. Those both fit in the fairing with just mild modification to your speaker pods. If you run them in the tour pack, they will need a 1/2" adaptor to fit. The hertz sx 6.5 neos will fit the tp location with no mods but cost a bit more. As far as amps go, a SD 800.4 4ohm, stinger spx 700x4, mmats 4110 will all sound good with those speakers. If fm is a must then I suggest the stinger amp as the other 2 can interfere with fm reception.

Hope this helps. 


Thank you very much for your detailed answers!  Especially appreciated the info about the FM interference.