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i wanna drag my breakout

Started by dieselbeef, July 14, 2021, 09:32:14 AM

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17..stage 1..need a baseline before i do the primary drive sprocket swap....

air press on the big tire? 

i can figure out the launch after a few i think..

have a tach with a shift lite...5000 rpm

leave at about 2000?

i need a suit it looks like..well a jacket anyways but a 2 pice suit is the plan

thought on the 103 drag racing it stock?


Based on your post I must assume that you have never competed in sanctioned racing. ANY vehicle can be competitive in index racing, which is probably the only class this vehicle can be competitive. Index racing is all about consistency. Figure out your consistent ET, dial it in and start racing. Plenty to read online about index racing, but the overall goal, how to win, etc, is to run right below your index. You set your dial in at say 12.00 seconds. Run a 11.59 you loose. Run a 12.001 you all most likely win. It is all about being able to hit your number consistently. Everything you have listed there is sort of irrelevant. get consistent, and then work on going faster. The payout is almost the same. Have fun at the track.
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i bracket raced cars for yrs..i get the process....i havent ever on a bike..wanted some insight from someone who has is all