103” Heads in a 124” Motor

Started by Geraldsd, October 22, 2021, 03:59:51 PM

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Hello Don,

Can my heads (you did work on them 4 years ago) be upgraded to work with a 124" build.  I'm looking for torque.  Probably go with an HPI 58mm TB and CR 595 Cams.  Will get Nick to do the work.  I have a crank.  Will go
required compression for it to run, but want to tune for 91 octane.  My 110 still is running great, but just want a bit more...looking for 140 HP and 145 Torque.
2014 FLHX, S&S 110" kit, CR-575 Cams, HDSP Heads
10.5/1, D&D Fat Cat, Stock TB

HD Street Performance

Thanks, I appreciate the return business!
This is very easy to do. I have dished pistons that will work great. I sent you a quote for a 117" in September 2017, the 124 will cost about the same. Since then I now use ductile iron sleeved stock cylinders that are working very well, an improvement over what is commercially available now. Most engines get built with two lefty bearings but I can install the Timken if you wish. Quality not just supply chain has been affected with Covid so I am trying to keep as much as I can in-house. except crank work. I use Randy for cranks. We can upgrade our Street Pro heads to the Pro Street package which uses a 1.98 intake valve and flows a little over 300cfm. The cam is last choice we will decide on and I don't get into that until we are getting closer and I have your parts. You can probably use most of the parts you already have but you will need a healthy clutch, easily fixed with a Rekluse.
Feel free to give me a call and we can get things going and to answer any questions you may have. I want to be sure you don't get caught in any of the shortages, parts situation is rough right now.