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Break-in Oil

Started by HD Street Performance, December 15, 2021, 08:43:19 AM

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HD Street Performance

Yes it is important to use special break-in oil. Not going to get into brands you can figure that out. I am including a test report as reference. When honed properly, plus straight and true, break-in will occur very quickly with minimal ring loss.

Give the rings a chance to seat well and quickly then get on with whatever oil you wish. The result will be longer lasting oil, more power, less of no carry over, less carbon build in ports and chamber.

Specific properties for our Vtwins I prefer:
Mineral oil base, not synthetic
Low TBN, <4
No friction modifiers such as Moly
Low or no calcium added
Viscosity CST@100°C of <17
Low levels of ZDDP present, <2000


Recognizing that each of these tests were likely in different new engines from startup, they may have slight tolerance differences but the break in occurs within a couple of very short controlled trips with heat cycle consideration between them.  There are a couple of oils (specific to break-in use) that stand out near the end of the charts.  This is great information and even if the "better" oils cost a bit more I believe it's money well spent for the gains they provide.  Thanks for sharing Don. 

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