January 27, 2022, 10:20:06 PM


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New exhust system with "California Growler"

Started by SanB2013, December 29, 2021, 05:13:23 PM

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I'm going to replace the exhaust on my Frankenstein Knucklehead.  Currently I have drag pipes and want to put on original type 2 into 1's.  I'm think about using the "rocket" style muffler but after looking through the Kick-Start Motorcycle parts catalog I noticed a tail Pipe/muffler called "California Growler".
I never heard of these before and was wondering if anyone here knows anything about them.  Like are they a muffler or just a straight pipe?You cannot see attachments on this board.
1976 FXE


I'm not familiar with that product.  Judging by the picture, they appear to be a straight pipe, with a Fish Tail end.  I would call or contact the Seller and ask.


We called them "fish sticks" here. Very popular a little south of where I lived.You cannot see attachments on this board.
Had them on my '47 but didn't like the sound.
Sold the bike


Straight through 1.5" chrome pipe with fishtail end.
Ignorance is bliss, and accuracy expensive. How much of either can you afford?


Thanks for the reply's.  I called the dealer and they are just a straight through pipe.  I think I'll just go with a fishtail tipped muffler. 
1976 FXE