January 24, 2022, 08:38:16 PM


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Front brake pads

Started by Excalibur, January 10, 2022, 03:38:13 AM

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My (approx '79) Shovel is soon to be ready. Before I can ride, it needs to be Vinned which means quite a strict compliance test. Brakes are something they are real fussy about. Common talk is they make you fit new rotors and/or new pads.

I want to be ready with pads if needed. Am particularly interested to understand about Kevlar pads which I've never tried. Are they good? I have a merchant that has Kevlar and regular organic at similar price and most importantly shipping is reasonable.

At this moment bike has original discs on it.

Comment invited. Thanks.
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Brembo explains it quite simply...the pad material chosen depends on the application. The wrong choice could be deadly. Research for YOUR application.

I simply Googled, "Which brake pad material for my motorcycle?" and opened the Brembo result.
Good luck!


I think by definition, Kevlar pads *are* organic pads, or at least a type of organic. Kevlar is basically a plastic fiber, i.e. organic compound.

Having tried many different types over the many years, I've settled on EBC V-Pads. I believe they are a hybrid organic/metallic compound. I like them because they are low dust, and don't squeak.


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  Like JW113 says the EBC V-pads are a good choice, being using the for years on the older bikes that came with organic pads


Great info, thanks guys.

Probably be some months before I get this bike rolling anyway I'm working on it in spare time.

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