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GTS radio Retrofit

Started by calif phil, March 18, 2022, 06:34:41 AM

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calif phil

In November I ordered a new Harley GTS radio for my 2015 RG.  It finally arrived yesterday, got installed it along with the required USB cable.  Install was super easy,  flashed it to my bike with the techno research.  So much faster than the old 6.5 setup.

Now when I get some time, going to add the Wild Boar amp and front speakers.   


  Phil does that work with Apple Car Play and show the phone scream with out having to using headphones. I have someone that wants one install but I'm not up on this new high tech stuff. Ever body I asked has no clear answer.

calif phil

It does have apple car play, but  have not tried that yet, so I can't answer your question yet.  The new radio is really nice, it must be 10x faster than the old Nav unit. The Wild Boar amp and speakers sound really good at highway speeds.  It was not cheap, but it's cheaper than a new bike.   :chop:


  Thanks Phil. It must be no one on here uses apple car play.


I use a ten year old ipod nano, so no help, sorry.
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