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Discounts for HTT Members

Started by aswracing, December 15, 2013, 09:11:13 AM

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As a new supporting vendor on HTT, we're offering the same discount to members that we do for the other boards we support: 10% on almost everything we sell!. At this point in time, the only item we can't give this discount on is Patriot exhaust systems.

We offer a full line of performance parts and services for HD twins, including CNC head porting, engine kits, and cams of our own design. Check out our web site, although it's not fully populated yet we have a pretty good tech section going, as well as several dyno sheets showing both what we've achieved and what our customers have achieved with our packages:

We stock many more pieces than shown on the site, so if you're in need of something, either give us a ring or shoot an email to us, see the "Contact Us" page on the site.


Hi.  Your Twin Cam section has been pretty empty since your web site went up.  Any idea when more stuff for the Twin Cams might be posted on your company website?  Thanks!