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xl over sized valves

Started by dsvracer, March 29, 2022, 05:23:24 AM

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have a 1998 buell heads that i need oversized valves, a 1.810 intake and  1.520 exhaust valves. is this something you carry and if so how much.  thank dsv


There are two possibilities for a set of 1998 Buell heads. "Thunderstorms" came out in 1998 on S3 and S1W models, and had 1.810/1.575 5/16 valves factory. Easily identified by a casting number that ends in -98 or -98Y. HD discontinued those valves years ago, and the aftermarket never stepped up and came out with replacements because the market is just too small.

However, the 1.810/1.575 7mm valves as used on 2003+ Buells, 2004+ XL1200's, and 2005+ Twin Cams will go right in, with a guide change of course. We prefer the Ferrea replacements, F0300 and F0302, over the OEM pieces. Then we just use either the factory beehive spring pack or conicals, depending on the cams being used.

The factory seats in those heads are the same as what's found in Twin Cams, so it's not unusual to go with a 1.840 or even a 1.900 intake and 1.610 exhaust without changing the seats.

The other possibility for 1998 Buell heads is the "Lightning" head (-96 or -96Y suffix on the casting number), which came on M2's and regular S1's (not the S1W). The stock valves are 1.720/1.480 5/16. The stock seats don't give a whole lot of room for oversizing, most we go in them without a seat change is a 1.770/1.530 which we have Ferrea make for us as customs.


WOW !!! now that is a question that is answered.  thanks so much for all the info.   dsv