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adjusting pushrods

Started by stafford, May 13, 2022, 08:27:14 PM

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I'm helping a friend of mine that has an 84 tourglide. It's almost time to adjust the pushrods, It's supposed to have an s&s cam in it, not really any reason to doubt him on that. I have no idea how to  set the pushrods. Any body willing to share their favorite way of doing it.
BTW he rode the dickens out of it a couple years ago, all day and he said he wasn't easy on it at all.
For whatever reason it was about a year later he was going to start it and it wouldn't start. had no compression on the front cylinder. turned out it had a bent exhaust valve.  For the life of me i can't get hold  of how it could bend a valve setting on the carport. Yall have any ideas?
Thanks folks, Stafford

Ohio HD

Chances are the valve was stuck in the guide from sitting. Then the piston smacked it when he tried to start it.
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 :agree:  It's the most likely reason.  Weather can be a looker with outside storage.


That is most likely what happened to the valve. how much preload should I use for the pushrods?.   i've adjusted my twin cam several times. do it about the same"


one more question, how much should the studs stick out of the top of the cylinder

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Early Evo motors the stud measures 5.670" to 5.770" above the engine case.
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What kind of threads does your pushrods have tells how many turns. With the pushrod set with no slop adjust .100 to .120.