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Can late model HD radio-cd be installed in 03 flht

Started by One4Tone, April 16, 2021, 05:29:22 AM

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..I have a 03 FLHT the hd radio is quitting on me...mostly the cd...are there options to upgrade to newer model HD radios?...other options with hand controls capability?..thanks


The late model radio is a drop in replacement for your current radio. Your current speakers will work but will not be ideal due to their higher impedance. Lots of options in the aftermarket.
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Also, if you install a 06-13 HK radio, the AVC (automatic volume control) will not work due to the change in the speed sensor signal. As Ed indicated, you may want to switch to 2 ohm speakers if you use a later model radio.  (or adding an amp)


...thank you for the to have the tunes... :chop:


I would go aftermarket, cheaper and usually better.
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