October 04, 2022, 03:07:33 AM


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We're back!

Started by Steampunk, June 20, 2022, 03:56:29 PM

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My wife and I have purchased HDs again after her not riding since 2005.  I've been riding dirt bikes and other bikes ('99 BMW K1200LT and 2020 KTM SDR 1290).  I do all of the work on our bikes, and this site seems to be just the ticket for a DIY'r like me.  Today I installed the Muller Power clutch on my 2004 Road King Classic, and pulled off the cam cover to be sure a SE cam plate had been installed.  The hardest part was the dual exhaust removal and install!  I removed the beach bars the bike had and installed what I call Fat Boy bars.  They were the '90-'95 bars on Fat Boys.  I had installed them on our '93 and '94 Heritages and prefer this bend.  I look forward to learning more and maybe contributing when I'm able to add something.  Cheers!


Howdy, welcome from Montana
'97 Road King, Rinehart True Dual, HSR42, 10:1, EVL3010, 2000i


Welcome back from Texas!


Hello, and Welcome from CT.