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shovelhead ultima heads

Started by flht1550, July 12, 2022, 05:27:28 AM

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are any members using the ultima shovelhead heads and what is your opinion of them ?


I put them on my 76 FLH.Feel a difference in power.I ordered mine with .600 lift springs.Stock they come with .465 lift springs.



Are you sure? I thought I have heard that Ultima used a US foundry for their castings.


I believe the castings are made in china but the machining is done in Missouri.Had mine on for a over a year.


Off topic somewhat, I tried to get some Ultima heads when I rebuilt my FLH last year, but they were out of stock, no ETA when back in stock. So I went with S&S. However, I bought a set of Ultima cases for my EVO softail, and have to say they are a work of art. As good, if not better, than the S&S Shovelhead cases I bought, and they went together without a hitch. Could not say that about the S&S cases, I had to clearance them else my flywheels would lock up when the case bolts were tightened. I would buy Ultima parts without a second thought about where they came from, quality is quality and the Ultima parts that I've bought are top notch quality.

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