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H-D app - Does it route correctly?

Started by pauly, November 06, 2023, 10:07:50 PM

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Hi all,

I recently downloaded the H-D app, to plan some rides, and proceeded to plan a day ride, along some windy roads and ridges etc. yesterday morning, I loaded the route into the bike (23 flhtk, using the app) and it all seemed fine , but my nav directed us to the correct waypoints, but not using the way I had selected. It navigated using what seemed the most direct route rather than the bread roads I had planned. The only thing I'd selected to 'avoid' in the app was in paved roads, but there were none on the chosen route anyway.
Do I have to reload the ride every time I turn the bike off, or is there something else I may have done wrong, or, is the app a little dodgy and this is expected behaviour?
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I've tried using the HD planner and gave up.
And the regular NAV system loaded on the bike doesn't work that way either.

I'm happy using CarPlay through my phone and just ask to take me to my next destination.
I can change the route instantly in case I want to avoid construction, or weather or whatever. I tell my phone to just take me to : next stop.

Used this method for the last 5 years and it works for me!



The HD app and NAV take a bit of patients and work to get it to route you exactly how you want to go. The avoidances have to be set the same on the App and the bike.  Next you have to use a whole lot of way points.  You have to say you turn on to a road, not just one at the turn, but many along that road to keep you on it.

I use CarPlay for simple point to point destinations.  But for a scenic route our loop, I use the App.
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