May 29, 2024, 03:06:15 PM


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FM Jackpot 2-1-2 headpiece build quality

Started by chriscalabro, January 02, 2024, 04:40:30 PM

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I have been playing around with my M8 exhaust this winter as I try to find my way home. I have used FM jackpot 2-1-2 headers in the past and recently tried the Fullsac header with S&S MK45's. I can say anything bad about the Fullsac header it is a nice pipe though I found it kinda pricey @ $800 + Shipping. It does the job. Moved to a D&D billet cat with Vortex baffle and that really delivers the low end grunt as advertised with my 114 and RS 468 cam. But I can't love the 2-1 sound. So I moved on again to back to where I started. The FM Jackpot 2-1-2 header. Just finished the install and await a new set if MK45's. So why the long post? Because honestly we can talk about pipe and manufactures all day long. But I would challenge anyone to show we a higher quality build than the Jackpot. The welds are a work of art and it seems a shame to hide them under covers. Really IMO the best bang for the buck in 2-1-2 headers.


I've had one on my TC EG forever.  It's a well built head pipe.  :up:
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