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Andrews 54 cams

Started by chas, January 19, 2024, 10:01:14 PM

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I.m doing a 100" big bore upgrade 0n 03 ultra. Thinking of going with Andrews 54 cams. Guys that have used them what are your thoughts on them?

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Keep in mind that the valve springs will need to be upgraded for the higher lift.


A mild head port is being done to the heads, and the heads have bee hive springs and compression releases


Have them in my 14 limited with 107 engine they work great IMHO.


I run Andrews 54 cams in my 107 and I love them. They pull hard with good early torque, and they keep pulling to redline. Engine has Axtell Mountain Motor Pistons with 20° domes, ported heads, S&S 58mm Throttle Hog, and S&S cross under duals.

fbn ent

I like the 54s in my 103"
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At what rpm do they come on?


any problem with valve to piston clearance or cam lobe clearance in the case?


Quote from: chas on January 20, 2024, 09:37:42 AMany problem with valve to piston clearance or cam lobe clearance in the case?

Always good to check cam lobe - case clearance easy enough to do.  Bob

Ohio HD

If heads get milled, thinner head gasket, larger intake valve, etc. Valve to piston should always be looked at.



I have 54N's advanced 4 in a 95". It's at 10:1 with heads by HD Street Performance. Pulls all the way off idle. No valve train noise. 


I put them in a 103 to 110 upgrade on a street glide, Keith Dunn heads, made low 120's from memory, owner was happy, it's new owner is as well from what I hear.
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Always check. Those cams have low TDC lifts, which should be plenty safe even with 1.900" in. and 1.625" ex. valves. :up:


Had them in a 10.5:1 103 with street ported heads with 1.94/1.6 valves.
They worked quite well and were what I was looking for at the time.
Nothing to brag about as far as numbers: 110hp and 103hp as I recall.
But very rideable and quiet.
As far as when they "came on", I think the curve crossed 100 at like 2700 or so.
The low end did not feel soft though. I will say that.


Should I be thinking of a larger throttle body and maybe roughing up the manifold surface? Anybody done this?


Roughing up the manifold surface would be a waste of time. The flow through the manifold is dry. The injectors spray fuel directly at the intake valve.


Quote from: fbn ent on January 20, 2024, 09:10:44 AMI like the 54s in my 103"

Same here on a 12 Ultra.  A little more grunt than stock. I did that, a Fuel Moto ceramic coated cat free header, with stock mufflers and a PV tune.  I like it, got rid of a ton of heat and it's distance friendly.
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