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Ho103 heat

Started by badandy0442, July 04, 2024, 11:01:23 AM

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Looking for input on settings for heat reducing settings with a fp3.
More fuel?
Less fuel?
Or any advance setting to maybe try?
Still a work in progress....


Any other mods done to the bike? I know when I had my '15 RG, it was pretty much unbearable to ride in the summer due to the heat coming off of the exhaust with the cat in it. I also rode it in the Rocky Mountains while stock and that thing ran really hot up in altitude.


Got Vance & Hines slipons.
Arlen Ness high flow air filter.
Still a work in progress....


Maybe a new cat-less head pipe and a tune to match. I put a Fuel Moto headpipe on my RG and it made a world of difference without that catalytic converter in the pipe. The heat was cut way way down.


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I agree with lilchief, a new header or remove the cat in yours, and proper tune are the best bet for cooling it down.
As far as trying to cool it, more fuel rather than less will cool it, and putting a little advance on the timing, all within safe and proper running parameters. Changes should be monitored to know the effect they have on the motor.
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