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RIP Specialx1

Started by Hardley Davidson, February 28, 2010, 10:52:20 PM

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                    Thanks !!
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Aww, I just saw the RIP blurp in the upper right corner.  This has been going on for days.  I should have been up in the cities...  Sorry guys my bad for not looking around the site better.

Ride on Luther,

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Was (or is) that 'Specialx' brew a Molson product?

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Quote from: texaskatfish on March 08, 2010, 05:05:11 PM

Was (or is) that 'Specialx' brew a Molson product?

From talking to his friends, pretty sure this is what he was drinking, and where the screen name came from!
I am an adult?? When did that happen, and how do I make it stop?!


Oh man, that stuff is made by Pabst.  :dgust:

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Special Export-- affectionately referred to as  "Green Death." It would kick your as$!
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OK yall thnx.........................different 'X' ah reckon

Molson X seems to be what I recall(barely) - up at 'The Royal' in Kingston ON..................some partyin folks up yonder to be sure

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My name is Leslie Whitley and I was Luthers sister in law. He was married to my sister Laurie, who passed away seven years ago.
I just had to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all of his friends at HTT. I am touched with the outpouring of love and friendship that you all have shown to him and his family and friends that I dont know what to say. The beautiful flowers you sent to the funeral are sitting on my table now and everytime I walk by them I can feel the love you all had for him.
Even though few of you had the priviledge to meet Luther in person, from what i have read, you all knew him. He was the most loving, honest, thoughtful, caring, unselfish, yet unedited (as you well know) man I have ever known.


I think i ran out of room. Sorry...but wanted to finish my reply.
Luther cared so much about people, and even people he hardly even knew. It does not surprise me that he was a Greeter and was also the class clown. He was a wise man (and sometimes a wise ass!)and I know that he helped many of you in special ways. I will miss him so much, but am comforted by the fact that he touched so many peoples lives other than just mine. But thanks again for all your words of means the world to all of us.
He was definitely SPECIAL...and always will be. Ride Luther are now Free.

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ladywhit, yepp I always referred to him as Special, too. We teased each other a lot, even though we never met.  My loss, I am sure.  But, I told him we will ride the eternal highway when I get there, so I have that to look forward to.  I just hope he doesnt offer me a SpecialEx. 

Had some friends in LA (Los Angeles) in my younger days that were from Minnesota, and they drank it all the time--no problem finding it in LA.  But, it was some wicked stuff, whew.

Special, ya got that?  No SpecialEx for me, brother.  Make sure ya got my bottle of Jack when I get there, or I'm comng back here!  lol



Luther touched all he talked to here on HTT ..we were all saddened by his passing so soon...but his smile and unending humour will remain with us all as long as we are here ...he was the self appointed official greeter on the site and I'm sure up above he is greeting all he can from down here  :up:
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