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Grumpy : ( Update

Started by Grumpy : (, August 05, 2014, 11:32:44 PM

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Quote from: lonerider2 on August 22, 2014, 06:42:40 AM
Can someone tell me if there are TWO Memorial services planned for Grumpy?? on this , friends gone but not forgotten it says Saturday the 23th, a posting over in the General posting it says Sunday the 24th. Just wondering, can't get to the Horse on Sat. the 23rd but could make it Sunday the 24th.  :scratch:
Just guessing but I think the Saturday memorial was what Grumpy's daughter had in mind at the time and after some planning it turned into Sunday.
Listen to the jingle the rumble and the roar.


RIP Grumpy! Really enjoyed your thoughts and photos.  :sad:


oh no.....this is sad.....can't imagine how those close to him must be feeling. Very sorry for Bruce's family and friends, Sheri Lynn, Randy, Steve, Lisa, ofopos, htt buds and other forums. Wow, since the msn days, about 15 years of pics.....and crook for the last few. All that downloading, organising, uploading and commentary......huge effort on his part....appreciated by many, many people. Going to miss getting around with Grumpy. A lot.

RIP my friend
     :sad: :sad:


This is very sad news..Grumpy and his wonderful pictures helped get me through the Milwaukee Winters.thoughts and prayers for his Family and Friends


Sad indeed.  Always enjoyed his pics and commentary.  May he rest in peace.


Rest in Peace Grumpy, you will be missed.  :sad:


RIP Bruce.  :sad:
The first I met Grumpy was at his meet and greet at the Legion. I made it to 4 of his meet and greets and he and I went out to lunch a couple of times. He was a very easy guy to get along with and helpful to many people. I know he will be missed for his Sunday pictures here at HTT and his friends in Florida that he helped.

No Problem

 :sad: just found out  may you rest in peace my friend  you will greatly missed


Brunch with Grumpy (one of many times we broke bread together) during the winter of 2008 in Daytona. Grumpy, Carol, truck, Moonfox. Photo taken by Pinibo.


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Listen to the jingle the rumble and the roar.


RIP grumpy, you made a very big difference in many, many people's lives.
RIDE ON BROTHER :sad: :sad: :sad:


Stunned and saddened. Hope he knew how many friends he had. God speed.