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Carb problems

Started by fozzy1013, October 06, 2014, 08:14:17 PM

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I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong spot as this is my first post here. I finally after 42 years got my first Harley! YAY!!!! I got in the way of a Buell though. I bought it non running and am learning rapidly that these things are so much simpler to work on than most stuff as I tinker with a lot of things. Thanks HD for keeping the K.I.S.S. rule!!!!! Anyways, The guy I bought it from said he had just rebuilt the carburetor. It is a Keihin CV-40 carb. He said he couldn't get it to stop running from the overflow tube. Lol, after some research and tinkering I figured out a couple things he had wrong. Bowl drain screw was backed out is why it was leaking from overflow. Air/Fuel mixture screw all the way in(I backed it out 2.5 turns from soft seat). I fixed these two things to no avail. I can spray starter fluid in the carb and it will start, run fluid out, and then die. No fuel right? I took the carb apart and found that the main jet needle had 6 rings in it and the clip was placed in the third ring. Is that the factory placement? Also I found another washer below this clip (possible shim?). If it is a shim should I take it out of leave it? If I leave it do I need to adjust anything on the carb to compensate for the shim? I drive cars like an idiot but I ride motorcycles like an old women just to give you an idea of my riding style which might help with your advice. Thanks in advance for any help
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Since the question is about a CV, I would post in the General Forum, I suspect more people will see it and reply.

Also you might try the Search function......"CV carb overflowing".


hi, welcome.
when at my old shop someone  came in for a slight adjustment cause the bike just wont run right after they rebuilt the carb,  well, I would just quote them for another carb rebuild.
its generally the last thing they do.
(i.e cant be the points, I just put them in) ((first place I look))
if over flow and you tightened up drain next place is needle and seat. with bowl removed see if it stops fuel flow when gently held closed.
also check float height.


Ok, this may sound like a dumb question but here goes anyway. The main jet, the one in the top of the emulsion tube. The one that has all the little holes in the stem. It has a hole at the top, and a hole at the bottom. Should you be able to look all the way through the main jet and see daylight on the other side?
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My apologies in the question about the jet. It is the smaller jet that I am referring to. It has a hole in the top and a hole in the bottom but you cannot see through it. Should you be able to? Thanks.
We are merely souls propping up a corpse.
- Marcus Aurelius's Meditations