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"Bike" amp bench test results (initial batch 6 amps)

Started by AAWAV, January 26, 2015, 03:21:43 PM

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Here's another to add to the list at a very reasonable price

I received an amp from Gordonr from the forum to play with and test.  Gordonr is an audio guy on the car audio front and does some crazy chit with these new vehicles and programming/etc.  Thanks Gordonr..

Anyways, amp is a Pioneer GM-D1004

Specs say
Max power output - 100w x 4, 14.4v, 4 ohm.
Continuous output - 45 x 4, 14.4v, 4 ohm - 45 x 4, 14.4v, 2 ohm

Tests revealed otherwise.
14.4v all 4 channels driven @ 2 ohm with 1khz tone - 118w/channel pretty consistently
14.4v all 4 channels driven @ 4 ohm with 1khz tone - 56w/channel  pretty consistently

Amp gets a tad bit warm @ 2 ohms but well within any range to throw inside a fairing
Amp stays nice and cool @ 4 ohms

No FM reception issues either.

This would be a good one to add to the list of
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Has anyone benched the stock Boom 6.5GT?  I see various specs published on the stock radio.  Some say 25w/channel, some say 75w/channel (on Road Glide Ultra).  Never do any specs say if RMS, peak (or something else).   I am guessing the 6.5GT is the same in 2 speaker bikes as it is in the RGU (4 speakers)?   In 2 channel mode do they bridge 2 of the channels or just turn them off?  OR, is there an extra amp in the RGU for the 2nd two channels?

Just curious as I have a RGU and would really like to know what I'm starting with.

Gerry Smith

I have a 2016 Road Glide Ultra. I want a good sound and not one that is a big thumping base. My head is spinning looking at all the amps. Hog toons is 100 % out for me. I want clear crisp sound I can here at 85 MPH. What would be the best bank for the buck? 4 channel.
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I have a hard time understanding, why the tm series Rockford Fosgate amps, don't get the credit they're due. My tm400x4ad is over 5 years old now, and still kicking ass. For someone who isn't interested in competition's, I feel this amp is a real winner. Anyway, I'm still perplexed, at it's lack of acknowledgment or respect.
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