ASWC-1 / Metra 99-9600 Install and Programming Guide (left push MUTE) - '98-'13

Started by AAWAV, January 26, 2015, 04:36:25 PM

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I felt the need to prevent others from struggling with the very cumbersome instructions on the ASWC-1 programming on our Harleys - took me freaking 4 hours to sort it out, but got it working.

this Guide does not handle the "Rushmore versions"....

Required are:
1. Metra 99-9600 kit (you need the cable unless you want to cut and splice) - for 30 bucks or less, not worth it
2. ASWC-1 (can be found for about 50 bucks)
3. Head Unit with wired remote control 3.5mm plug or 2 wires for it.

Note: The Scosche HD7000B kit WILL NOT WORK! that is, it is not handled in this manual. the metra 99-9600 kit comes with an almost plug and play cable (resistors are already in the harness)...

The install guide does not handle the install of the metra bracket as that one is fine from the vendor.

this setup should not cost you more than 80 bucks Tops (January 2015). you will NOT have AVC (like the Biketronics 100x) but does support a mute (ATTN) function I personally like better. Biketronics is considering adding the mute option (this is NO guarantee it will come! - I am just mentioning what Bill told me several weeks ago when I talked to him regarding an old "case").
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Can you explain why the Scosche HD700B won't work?

I was thinking about getting that along with the Pac SWI-RC jack because it looks like it is plug and play.


"plug and play factor". this manual refers to the use of the ASWC-1 and Metra - on another forum I had someone ask about the scosche connector...
the metra one is plug and play (resistors already put in etc.

Not saying PAC SWI and HD700B will not work, I know others have used this one...

I do not have the PAC SWI so cannot support you with it LOL.
'99 Fatboy & '13 SG (DECKED OUT) - Audio Fanatic


Got it.  I misread your original post, I thought you meant the scosche kit did not work.